My biig testimony

September 18, 2018 by 0

Hello Pastor Nathaniel, the name of God be praised. My strong tower, way maker, Olowobogboro has done it for me. I had sent you a message on Instagram last week on Monday; screenshot attached. I had gone for a scan at six weeks and was told that I have an empty gestational sac. Fruit of the womb was in my list last hallelujah challenge. Am just from hospital and another ultrasound says that my baby is totally fine and growing well. Hallleelujan, praise God. On my list too was that God favours my husband at work. And God did it, he just returned to work three weeks ago from vacation and had a salary increment. Who is like my God. I’m crying tears of joy as I write this. God bless you, favour you and keep you. All your generations are blessed. Thank you!

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