My God is indeed a Way Maker!

September 10, 2018 by 0

Dear Pastor Nathaniel,

I cannot but testify of Gods faithfulness in my life.
I have had some contractual issues with my job due to the fraudulent staff who have been shortchanging my wages so decided it was probably not worth my time and so move on. The plan was to leave tomorrow.
I have been on the Hallelujah challenge from the beginning but slept off at the time when you asked to write down the 14 requests yesterday.
I had an interview today which went well and just before the ending that interview I received another call from another company looking for a consultant. Guess where? The same place where I was leaving but at a much improved package. I am hoping to close out negotiations at the earliest but I must testify that God is indeed a way maker. He is restoring me back to my job with exceptional conditions!

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