My Hallelujah Challenge 2017 Testimony

September 17, 2018 by 1

We the family of Mr. John & Judith Egbi want to return all thanks to the Almighty God who has done great and mighty things in our lives and marriage of almost 10yrs. We got married on August 16th, 2008 and like every other couple planning that by the 2nd year of our marriage we would have children, but that did not come to be ànd after 3 to 4 yrs we started seeking medical help and we kept praying. From one medical test to another I became like an experiment I was becoming tired and I did not want to be depressed. Medical diagnosis; One Blocked fallopian tube,  High Prolactin level (hormonal imbalance) Fibroid but minimal and later ruled out. From one medical doctor to another, Series of treatments and on medication  with no avail and we became tired. But our faith in God never waivers, we kept working in his vineyard at RCCG Promised Land parish in Lagos State,  myself in the choir, my hubby in the ushering dept giving God all our best in time and finances and we kept confessing God’s promises to us on fruitfulness and he kept reassuring us he will do it. After I stopped seeing anymore doctors for some yrs in 2016 I started contemplating of going for IVF because I have been mocked severally, so I brought the IVF issue before my hubby but he kicked against it that his case is like the 3 Hebrew men that if God cannot do it so be it but he cannot give doctors money for what only God can guarantee but he is not against IVF but not for him. Fast forward to 2017 in the month of June, we attended a program A day out with the God of G.O normally organised by Daddy G.O of which we have been attending for years we cried that God should show us mercy by this time we have given names to our children believing God for a twin so we started calling their names and praying with it. Also in that month of June, 2017 Nathaniel Bassey organised a program call Olowoogbogboro via social media by 12midnight for one hour daily and on the 15th of June the Holy Spirit kind of Ministered to me to join in the social media program so i obeyed and my hubby joined on the days he could, during the program Nathaniel Bassey asked us to write what we want God to do in our testimonies and prayer book, so I wrote concerning my pregnancy for 2017 to manifest and the Holy Spirit also minister that I put a time frame to it and with shaky hands and fret I wrote by the end of this June, 2017 let me be pregnant and God did it and blessed us with the fruit of the womb just like that o, Suddenly  he did it. I gave birth to my precious. Princess, miracle  daughter on March 12th, 2018  her name is Emma Oghenemarho Egbi although not a twin but God knows best and gave us his best. My testimony will not be complete without thanking the Alemeru’s for God sent them to Katy, Texas ahead to accommodate me during my stay to give birth for my testimony to be complete.


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  • Chibuzor Gbenga-Gabriel Gwent

    September 9, 2019 at 11:54 pm

    1. I desire triplets (2 girls and a boy), 2. Financial breakthrough for my husband’s business.


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