My Hallelujah challenge Testimony

September 20, 2018 by 0

Good morning Pastor Nathaniel,

I partook in the very first halleluyah challenge which took place in June 2017, all through the challenge i was believing God for one major request which was to bless me with another baby as my first was 4years.
As the challenge went on i kept believing God and kept trying. After the challenge i still had my menstral flow in July and was almost giving up. A good friend of mine who did IVF and had twins started talking to me about doing IVF since hers is a success story. I discussed with my husband and we agreed that we go for it using the same hospital she used which was in Ibadan. She advised that since we will be going from Lagos to Ibadan it will be better i run my tests the same day. One of the test requirements was that i will be on my menstral flow. On the 5th of August my flow started and then we made arrangements to go to the hospital on the 7th of August.
Went to Ibadan on the 7th of August, registered and made payments for various test. Met with the fertility doctor, he did a scan and confirmed everything is fine with me. He said my case is unexplained infertility since i already had a child before. He advised i watch my weight too since i had gained weight from when i conceived my first son. He also asked that my husband come for his own tests.
Got back to Lagos discussed with my husband and made arrangements for his visit too.. 1st week in September i registered in a gym which went on for 2weeks… throughout my time in the gym i noticed i was getting weaker and weaker by the day(felt the gym was working), and then i realised i havent seem my period for the month of September, relunctantly i did a PT with the test strip at home and then it showed i was pregnant i doubted it.
Went to the hospital and it was confirmed i was 4weeks pregnant. JUST LIKE THAT
My joy knew no bound, my husband couldnt believe it. Why was it the moment i decided i wanted to do IVF. Olowogbogboro showed up and said NO MAN CAN TAKE MY GLORY. He is indeed a jealous God. Even when the hospital called to discuss the remaining test result, God had already done it, they were stunned.
May God continue to bless and uphold you for listening and obeying his calling in your life. Indeed i am a huge benefactor of Halleluyah Challenge and am super grateful to Almighty God.
Had my baby on the 5th of May, 2018 and his name is Kamsiyonna(Just as i have asked God) Daran Nwoye

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