My No1 Hallelujah Challenge Testimony

September 18, 2018 by 0

Good evening Pastor Nath,

I’m Nmesoma from Nigeria and I would really love to share my testimony with the family.
I was led by my spirit to join in praising God for other people’s testimonies by leaving a comment whenever I see a testimony on your Instagram page.

I’m a final year student in school who will be starting her degree exams on Monday but my problem prior to this day was that the lecturer who was meant to upload our first semester’s result was feeling reluctant to and this issue got me anxious and took away every motivation I had for studying.

So on Wednesday, I saw a testimony of a woman whose husband got the payment for a business transaction after expecting it for a while now, so I queued into the testimony, and prayerfully made a declaration in the comment section that before the end of Wednesday, I will see my first semester’s result and the lecturer will have no rest till he uploads it…

Haaaaaaa, I didn’t know God heard me, I didn’t know he heard me…just after the Hallelujah Challenge yesterday, I received a message that 6 of my results are out and before the end of today, I also received a good news that all my results has been uploaded and when I checked, there was no carryover, no ‘E’ and not even a ‘D’… I’m super happy, I’ve danced, I’ve sang…I wish I can just grow wings, fly to heaven and give God a big big hug.. He’s such a loving Father…

Thank you Pastor Nath for availing your time and answering the call…God bless you richly

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