Hi Pastor Nath,
I had sent these last year but as you said to resend,  here goes.
It’s my turn!!!! Pastor Nath, thank God for me! I joined the Halleluiah challenge in June on Day 11. My number one prayer point was to get a job as I had been out of work for about 3 months then. At the end nothing happened. It was quite challenging because it’s like every other person I was praying for got answers except me. I no go lie I cry o! And then the rejections came. Each phone and face to face interview ended with a “we really, really like you, BUT we decided to go with someone else…”.
On November 1st when the second halleluiah challenge started, I tuned in but a voice in my head reminded of the last halleluiah challenge and said “what was your gain from the last one? Did God not answer everyone else but you? You better sit down and find something better to do with your time”. But I ignored it, if nothing it will be a time of refreshing for me because I was just in a bad place as I had been out of a job for 8 months now. ( I’m 34 and living with my parents without being able to help with anything in the house, so you can understand my plight). This week as you said that we will hear a word that will make us leap for joy, I held on to it. This week I finally got a job offer. God blessed me with a job that they liked me so much that they created a position that didn’t exist before, just so I can come work for them! God is indeed Good!!! More Testimonies loading!!! I know you said 2 pages,  but its been a long time coming. Sorry. ?
My second testimony is here.  So while going through my unemployment issues,  my sister in law suggested we go into business.  She suggested we buy cars and ship them to Nigeria to sell. I’m not much of a buying and selling type person as it has never been my strong suit, but she encouraged me and since I could borrow the money to fund the project, I agreed. She did all the leg work and we finally shipped, cleared and fixed both cars by June. We were assured the cars would sell in a couple of weeks.  A couple of weeks became 6 months, with no way to recoup the money& We couldn’t abandon the project. During the 1st and second Halleluya challenge I prayed that God should just bring buyers as cars left for so long only diminish in value and we’re losing money we  haven’t even made yet. To God be the Glory someone bought one of them  in December. And I am believing that the second one too will sell very soon. The money also came at the best time.
I say that because I had been owing 3 months mortgage going into 4 months.  God not only sorted out my arreas but I’ve even paid months in advance!!!!! Isn’t He just awesome!!! I’m so grateful for He had indeed crowned my year with Goodness!!!
Now I’m waiting for Him to bring my husband. ?

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