My Testimony

September 17, 2018 by 0

Good morning sir, Olowogbogboro prevented a fire accident in my home yesterday night. Mum was cooking with gas, finished and tried turning off the fire but the knob was stiff, so stiff that human power wasn’t enough to turn it off. Used a cloth to put d fire out but the gas was still on, didn’t know what to do anymore. Striked a match to the gas and fire came on, just couldn’t leave the fire to burn all through the night when there wasn’t any cold or that we were trying to keep the house warm. Remembered the hallelujah challenge and asked the HolySpirit to assist me that if He does I’ll share my testimony.. There was a plier beside me, picked it up, at first didn’t work but the next attempt it coperated, the knob worked and the fire was put out.. Can’t thank God enough!!!

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