My Testimony

September 20, 2018 by 0
Good morning Pastor Nathaniel.
God is surely in my hood this morning and I’m very grateful. One of my prayer points during the Hallelujah Challenge was Business growth as my side business in make-up artistry was not seeing any growth. People liked my work but did not want to pay for my service. As I would not agree to free services anymore, I was not getting clients. I had not even gotten any payment for the work I had done to pay my first fruit.
So during the first 7 day of prayer before the Hallelujah Challenge proper, God gave me a relatively small job to make up a bride for her traditional marriage. I gladly did it and thanked him for the opening. I was paid an equivalent of $33. I sent it to church during evening prayers (on 10th July as it was the day I finally received payment for the job I did on 24th June; I finally got my first fruit) as it is our spiritual empahsis month too (ICGC). I continued with church programme and Hallelujah Challenge.
As I was driving to work this morning, I got a message from a lady. She said I was recommended by one the brides I willingly did for free. She asked me to make her up for her traditional marriage and white wedding, as well as her 5 bridesmaids. What she is offering me as payment is my exact charge for the service.
I can’t stop thanking God for the opening. I believe more doors are opening and I’m grateful to God that you responded to His call.
May God bless and increase your Ministry. You, your household and your team are entirely covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. Psalm 89:20-29 is still my prayer for you, and many more blessings too.
ICGC cannot wait to receive you at Greater Works Conference, 2018!

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