My testimony

September 13, 2018 by 0
Good evening brother Nathaniel,
My testimony is LONG overdue. I joined the Olowogbogboro challenge around the 6th or 7th day. At the time, I was engaged to someone I had been with for a little over 3 years but everything in the relationship felt wrong but I couldn’t bring myself to cut it off. He was emotionally insensitive and abusive, controlling etc. His mother HATED me for no just reason. I had new reasons to end things as we progressed but I couldn’t. I felt I loved him a lot. Looking back now, I was mostly scared of starting afresh so I took it all.
During this challenge, I asked God for one thing and that was- God should give me the strength to break off the relationship and never look back. I also then made a list of what I wanted in my husband and prayed it every single day. I finally broke things off and barely 2 weeks after, I met someone else. I don’t know how it happened but I’m at peace. My list!! He checks checks checks! ✔️✔️ It’s unexplainable and I know it’s God looking out for me, I’m getting married to this person and it hasn’t been up to a year since we met. I’ve heard so many stories about how my ex was doing all sorts while we were engaged and I know now that ild have been doomed if I didn’t end things when I did. I’m just a girl that’s thankful I didn’t make a life-damaging decision out of fear. And I’m also thankful to you because the prayer sessions HELPED! God bless you

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