September 13, 2018 by 0

Hello Pastor,

I joined the hallelujah challenge last year and was always waking up midnight to pray for the fruit of the womb but my husband will always yell at me saying I’m disturbing the neighbors that our situation is not bad since it’s just 6months we’ve been married. Pastor as I write you I’m almost due with my first child and my pregnancy journey has been so smooth with no issues at all not even morning sickness, absolutely nothing. Ever since I took in it’s been from one blessing to another, God has been opening concrete doors I never even dreamt of. Pastor please pray for me to give birth like the Hebrew woman when the time comes. This years hallelujah challenge I’m just thanking God for his blessings and Grace, my mouth is full of praises. God bless you Pastor Nath.

God’s own daughter Chi

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