My testimony

September 14, 2018 by 0

Good morning Pastor Nath,

Thank you for allowing God use you as an instrument to unite the world through this praise and worship platform. I have been battling with unemployment for a while now. The problem was not interviews cos I got a lot of them and somehow always got a reject mail irrespective of the good comments I got from my recruiters. One good evening, God spoke through my amazing husband (who has been my support system throughout) to me saying “Why focus on what God has not done when you have not thanked Him enough for what He has done” (and quite frankly, God really had done too many wonderful things for me that I let the pressure from people lose sight of that and instead focus on my unemployment). I started to thank God instead of ask. I joined the hallelujah challenge too and found myself lost while singing the “Way Maker”. When you announced a harvest of testimonies, I quickly tapped into that and started thanking God in advance. To God be the glory, yesterday I got my DREAM JOB. Words fail me to describe this my God. Thank you, Jesus,

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