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I am here to testify to the goodness of the Lord. I am excited another Halleluyah Challenge is here; I would like to share my testimony so people will know that God is God indeed!  I promised Him that I will share my testimony to as many as will listen because He is God Indeed!

Last year I was pregnant and went to register for my Antenatal, as usual I was subjected to the routine laboratory investigations. I didn’t return to see the Dr as scheduled as I assumed all was well. Two months later, I visited the hospital and casually asked the Dr for the results of my lab test and she said I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I was heartbroken and I cried for fear of the unknown, fear for my unborn child. I then decided to take the test in another hospital hoping to get a different result, but the test results still came back positive. I cried and prayed to God for healing, with my family and friends.

I was referred to see a Gastroenterologist who requested viral load test and the result came back with a Viral load of 55,000 copies /ml which meant I had to take drugs that would cost me about 450,000 naira to suppress the viral load. The Doctor then advised that I have my baby first, because the safety of the drugs has not been established in pregnancy. I had my baby in October and returned to the hospital for another test to determine the type of DNA of the Hepatitis C virus to enable the Doctor determine the exact drugs to prescribe for me.  This was exactly a week before the Halleluyah challenge started

During the Halleluyah Challenge, I prayed and asked God for a miracle that would defy medical reasoning. A few days into the challenge,I stopped asking and started thanking God for answered prayers. One week after the Viral DNA test was done I went back to conduct another Viral load test because I was due to commence treatment and behold the result came back <20 copies/ml.  My husband and I were driving on the express when I got the mail from the lab, He parked the car and we started shouting and thanking God for this miracle. The Dr was very upset that the Laboratory had started becoming inefficient… I smiled and told him my miracle is here. He requested I visit another lab to repeat the test and the result came back <20 copies/ml. This means I do not require any drugs as the virus has been suppressed. The Dr was trying to give all medical explanations but  I told him not to bother because MY GOD did this for me.

The Lord used you and the Halleluyah Challenge to renew my faith in HIM, because I was almost giving up. But I held onto the promises in Joel 2 : 23- 32… Indeed there was abundance of blessings, healing… and Yes we praised the name of the Lord for the wonders He has done. I pray that the Lord will visit as many who believe and call upon Him in this Halleluyah Challenge.


 Thank you,

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