My testimony from November 2017

September 18, 2018 by 0
Pastor Nat,
God bless you as you continue to listen to God.
Indeed I know that these times of worship are truly ordained by God. You declared the November halleluya challenge for 21 days. Daniel chapter 10 tells us the story of how for 21days  the Prince of Persia delayed the answers to Daniel’s prayer. But on the 21st day angel, Michael came to his rescue.
Back in October I was suddenly made redundant at work…it felt like the world was shutting down on me. I joined the challenge every night and through my tears praised my God who alone knew my situation.  On the last day, the 21st November, I sang with my whole being wondering when it will become my turn to testify, I even made a tee shirt for the grand finale (even though that was not required). After the close of the session that night,  I just sat and wondered what next… I started to apply for jobs just like I had done every night after each challenge….the same God that intervened for Daniel after 21 days of prayer came through for me… the application I put in that very night got me my job a few weeks after.
Of a truth we serve an awesome God. God bless you for heeding the call to start the halleluya challenge.

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