My testimony part one

September 13, 2018 by 0

I got married eight years ago and as expected I looked forward to making babies and raising them immediately but  this was not to be.

My mother-in-law labelled me all sorts of names from mammy-water, to barren woman, she claims I used juju to marry her rich son.
My closest friends whom I confided in mocked me and made me a laughing stock behind my back, saying the rough life I lived is responsible for the delay in conception  (but my husband actually disvirgined me).
We ran several medical tests  @ different and all the Doctors kept saying ” nothing is wrong with you people”.
We took native herbs and it was as if we were destined not to conceive! Who could be responsible for this wicked act against us? Why me? What if I lose my loving husband to another woman ? All these questions kept bugging my mind.
We sowed seeds, paid tithes, engaged in evangelism, did everything humanly possible, yet it got tougher and uglier.
Then the hallelujah challenge started, I joined on the 4th day, that was the day i followed @nathanielbassey, he wrote something about tithing on the of 4th November 2017 that caught my attention… It was an eye opener…..Oh my God, I held God at his word because I am a tither!!! I joined, danced, prayed, sang, broadcasted OLOWOGBOGBORO !!! I stood in gap for my friends and all those desiring the fruit of the womb And he showed up sir!!!! God showed up, I am not only pregnant I am carrying twins…….I don’t know how he did it but olowogbogboro visited me just like that!!!!
For everyone believing God for the same miracle, be still and know that  HE is God!!!! He who did it for me will do same for you.
Thank you for sharing my testimony.G od bless you, sir,

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