New connections and revelation on my political career.

September 6, 2018 by 0

Hi Pastor Nat,
May God bless you. I missed the first hallelujah Challenge, so when this years own was coming up, I told myself I must join. I wrote a list of 11prayer request(I have added another 3), and in the list I asked God for more connections and a revelation on my political ambition.. Two nights ago, an hour to the hallelujah Challenge i got a call to meet someone the next day. Which I did,and to the glory of God, through this person my political ambition was revealed, i got all the connections i need to pull me up politically.. In Just one day.. Pastor Nat, your God is really a way maker. I know before the end of the Challenge, I will testify on the remaining 12 request on the List. God bless you..

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