Next level in my work place

September 4, 2018 by 0

Good morning Pastor Nath. Let me make it brief. This was one of the 14 things I wrote during the halleluyah challenge that I asked God to do for me. I was so broke on monday 16th of July 2018 that I and my family didn’t know how and where to feed from. But i was praising God and giving him tanx that monday morning . Wen i got to my place of work that morning I kept praising him never knew he had a different plans. Remember I said I and my family didn’t know where to get money to eat through out that week. The way maker that very Monday made the mgt at my place of work to give me my confirmation letter n a promotion letter (as a full staff) and immediately I got an alert hahahaha ? ? ? that I was like wow God is indeed a way maker!!!! Praise the Lord! halleluyah. God bless u sir for using u to bless lives Amen.

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