September 13, 2018 by 0
Hi Pastor Nath ,i want to bless God on the anoiting that you carry,i have sent my testimony before but i guess you didnt see it,you can post my testimony to encourage someone out there, last halleluya challenge i asked God for 2 things and he did all,my brother that was in prison was relieased and all the charges were drooped.i have been in marriage for 8years withiout any child,at a time my husband left me thinking i was the one that had problems.this is happening in USA  ,i remarried  and my husband just joined me here in USA 2 months ago and on the 1st hallelujah challenge i tested positive for pregnant, this God is toooo Good ,he had shot the mouth of  the enemies .Olowogbogboro has done it again ooooooo. May God continue to bless you and your family and bless your ministry, continue to be your help in time of need ,plsease blowwww the trumpet for me in honour of this Great God.

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