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Pls keep me anonymous

The OLOWOGBOGBORO himself has touched me SUDDENLY, JUST LIKE THAT!!!! I have being TTC for over 2years, I have never been pregnant in my life before.  I joined the #hallelujahchallenge on Day9 as I got to know about it through friends, and that day you asked you gave a word of knowledge about fruitfulness and that we should dance like we are carrying our child in our arms ( I danced and danced with the picture in mind as I’ll be dancing in future on my child’s dedication). Also,the night Pst Nathaniel asked us to write down our request and dance over it, my number one request was ‘God I want to have a baby’ and I danced over it. I have continued with the challenge with the conviction that before the end of it I’ll testify. BUT I DIDN’T KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN SUDDENLY!!!! I stated feeling sick during the weekend and this morning by Faith I went for some test including pregnancy test and JUST LIKE THAT, THE PREGNANCY TEST WAS POSITIVE!!!! I mean BIG FAT POSITIVE.
I just can’t believe this! I bursted into tears because I couldnt believe and kept saying JUST LIKE THAT.

I give all the glory to God, He that started a good work in my life will surely complete it.
I have no doubt that my other requests will be answered because He did the biggest of them already!  OLOWOGBOGBORO I GIVE YOU ALL THE GLORY, YOU DESERVE MY PRAISE FOREVER!!! YOU HAVE DONE WHAT NO MAN CAN DO����������������������������������������

God bless you mightily, may the anointing over you never run dry IJN.




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