Oluwa shin dara – God is still working miracles

September 10, 2018 by 0

I would like to share my testimony with you. The beginning of last year 2017 was a tough year for me, I turned 30 and found myself in a position where the seemingly closest person to me defrauded me emotionally. It was a horrific time for me but in the midst of it I threw myself into reckless abandon in worship and praise to God. During that time I had received a prophetic word from God in a vision that He was going to comfort me. In June I partook of the Olowogbogboro edition and in fact during that period anywhere where I knew any anointed worshipper would be I found my way there. At a time it almost seemed even to my mind that I was stalking you for every prayer point or opportunity to be blessed. June came and went and there were several testimonies of spouses and I was still worshipping. In August, at the viewing of the RCCG convention at church I received another prophetic word about my husband and who he was but like Sarah I laughed it off, even when a few months after that he struck up a conversation with me I was still very wary.
November came with Open heavens and then Bring me a Minstrel. On that day I remember there was a call for singles who wanted to get married and I jumped out, the lady beside me kept looking at me like
“ehhya”…but you see when you understand what you stand to win, you would not be concerned about the people around you. We came out and danced to hallelujah is the sound of marriages and I knew after that encounter that it was signed, sealed and delivered. December came and somehow we were meeting parents both spiritual and biological – everywhere we went, we experienced grace and confirmation that God truly ordained our union. Last month (May) we got married.
I partook of the hallelujah challenge single last year, this year I will partake of it married. There was no way I could conceive what and how it happened, it still feels like a dream but the Lord stretched out his arm and pulled the obstacles out of the way.

All glory to the God we serve…it pays to worship God.

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