One Hour Tongue Challenge

June 14, 2017 by 0

For the #onehourtonguechallenge I could only do 3 days &a I felt bad because I really wanted this, I had been battling bitterness wrt my appraisal where I wasn’t recommended, but God showed up June 1, the object of my anger suddenly got a job offer to another company & my peace has been restored. That was my confirmation for this challenge, I am grateful to be a partaker and not just an onlooker, those kidnapped kids! will be released in Jesus name!

I also want to testify, I have had the baptism of the HolySpirit since age 7, from time to time the tune of the tongue spoken changes, since the beginning of this #theonehourhallelujahchallenge I had asked God for an experience in Him & I must testify, I was hungry and while we were worshiping today my tongues changed, without thinking to a more complicated one, never have I spoken in that way before, I had the conviction in my Spirit that the Olowogbogoro had shown up praise God


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