September 6, 2018 by 0

Pastor Nathaniel bassey, GOD has done its ooo, my husband was suspended indefinitely at work on the 8th of March and on the night I gave birth to our wonderful daughter, he didn’t tell me until days later when I asked him why he didn’t go and he told me. I said holy spirit take control he was owed 3 months salary and was still stop without any tangible reason. Mind you he make money for the firm ooo, by bringing adverts. The last advert he brought was in sept last year. For ten months they did Not pay so the boss held on to his salary and sacked him. My husband on a normal day might not really join the pre- challenge and challenge proper .I told him about it and we joined all the way ooo. I am testifying of God’s goodness ooo,the boss called this money that the paid and that he has paid him his 3months salary and commission. I am happy because we can pay those we are owing. I know God will bless my husbands business cos he a journalist and has his own site by rewarding his site Monetarily. GOD BLESS YOU PASTOR NATHANIEL AND YOUR TEAM FOR GINGERING US TO PRAISE, MORE AND GREATER ANOINTING IN JESUS NAME.

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