September 19, 2018 by 0
Hallelujah Eh!!!
I want to bless the name of The LORD, THE WAY MAKER, THE PROMISE RESTORER, THE STRONG TOWER for HE is good and HIS mercies endureth forever. I want to thank The OLOWOGBOGBORO For indeed turning things around for myself and my household, when we thought things were over, HE arose for our sakes and indeed turned things around Gracefully and Greatly for our good.
The OLOWOGBOGBORO has used this everyday evangelism to increase and embolden me, before I was so scared to preach in public, but a continuous practice of it, has filled me with so much joy and grace. We shouldn’t wait for someone to tell us, before we share the great news of our Salvation and redemption.
Prior to this year’s HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE, my mom used to have this terrible leg cramps, but ever since the beginning of the HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE, the cramps have been destroyed, never to arise again in JESUS ALL ALMIGHTY NAME AMEN.
I also want to thank GOD for my employment search, HE has and is indeed faithful, HE has clothed me with favour all the way and I believe that HE will perfect all that concerns myself, my household, Minister Nathaniel Bassey and the whole HALLELUJAH AND OLOWOGBOGBORO Team In JESUS NAME AMEN.
Also last week I printed the first ever receipt or official document that has to do with my business and when my mum saw it, she said her prayer points are already been answered AMEN.
I and my household are so blessed and we are so happy because THE LORD IS SO FAITHFUL. AMEN.
Much more greater dumbfounding testimonies, are coming from me and my household even before the end of this HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE 2018 IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

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