Ovarian Cyst Miraculously Disappears!

September 14, 2018 by 0

Yhello sir, shalom!

God bless you and yours tremendously for this Holy Ghost idea.
My miracle was gotten at the last HC last year June.
I joined on the 8th day.
I had an unexpected pregnancy which got me so depressed. I and my hubby weren’t ready for our next baby at all as we were going through a tough period.
I know one ought to be grateful for the fruit of the womb but I wasn’t!
To make matters worse, in my 1st routine checkup and scan to confirm the pregnancy, we found out I had an ovarian cyst which couldn’t be removed cos it was responsible for feeding the foetus till the placenta was formed.
I was in pain. Everyday.
Thank God for the HC. I keyed in.
Following as much as I could. I couldn’t dance as much because I was banned from strenuous movements and put on bedrest as the cyst was quite big. It made my tummy look like I was 5 months pregnant when I was barely 7 weeks when we found out.
My antenatal appointment for June was on the 24th. So I trusted God that by that date the cyst will have disappeared. That the doctor will look for it and will not find it anymore. It won’t shrink or reduce, I wanted it gone completely!
When that day came, it happened exactly as I desired!
The doctor checked all around my tummy for the cyst that was quite big and it was gone! POOF! JUST LIKE THAT!
The doctor was baffled. He pressed and pressed my tummy and I was in absolutely no more pain!
God now gave me a bonus desire by giving us a girl! We had 2 boys already and desired a girl next. I was overwhelmed with joy and awed at His goodness!
So a pregnancy that started unexpectedly with so much pain was turned to joy and fulfillment!
Today she’s 7 months old and doing absolutely well!
Praise the Lord!

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