Over flowing blessings

July 30, 2017 by 0

Sincerely, God has been so great to me in this month of July and I must testify because I see His mighty hand stretched forth in my life.

God gave me jobs I do not even merit, jobs upon jobs from companies through a helper I met in the month of June.
There are even more expectations of bigger contracts coming which I already know I will win and my quotation will be favoured.

I also got a USA visa this month of July even without any ado as none of the documents I prepared for the interview was viewed or requested for. I got the visa just like that. This could only have been God.
As at last month, I was too broke and also sad but my story has changed this month and I know it can only get better in the month of August and forever.

Thank you OLOWOGBOGBORO, You are indeed a God of miracles.

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