Painless Child Delivery

July 26, 2017 by 0

Pastor Nath. I bless the name of the Lord for answered prayer, my husband and I joined the Hallelujah Challenge 8days to the end of the program and my first prayer point was “God make my delivery JUST LIKE THAT- SUDDENLY”. On the 12th of July I went for the usual ANC with my last scan from the previous Saturday which gave me 15th as my EDD, though I have been having “painless” contractions,so I told the nurse who said she would do a check afterwards, during this check her response was”so you are playing doctor at home abi?, you want to give birth at home?, your cervix is 6cm dilated” At that moment I was fearful of God and glad. Judging by my last birth 5yrs ago which took like 6hrs before delivery amidst life-threatening labour pains, the Lord answered me as I asked, the day I didn’t expect it was going to come, “suddenly- Just like that.” I didn’t experience any labour pains until it was time to birth the heritage of God within- Light Oluwagbeminiyi Jemima. For all the testimonies of conception linked to this challenge, pls add this to your prayer points and I pray The Olowogbogboro Himself will show up for you as He did mine, IJN. I’m not anonymous

Bolanle Fatunmbi Ibikunle

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