Pension Arrears Paid

October 15, 2017 by 0

Good Morning sir! thank you for yielding to God’s calling! i joined the challenge on the 11th day.but i have read every single testimony that came up before i joined and i kept keying in to them and telling God that i will testify too before the end of the praise.On the 14th night i was just lead to write my prayer requests.i wrote down 4 things and praised seriously.i called my parents to join the praise too at their location…. one of my request had to do with my mum’s pending pension arrears…That same morning she called and said she just got an alert! God, my OLOWOGBOGBORO did it..JUST LIKE THAT!!! I am soooooo in awe of God! less than 10hrs after asking..he answered! God be praised for ever and ever more!THANK YOU JESUS..THANK YOU JESUS…THANK YOU JESUS!!!


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