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Hello Pastor Nathaniel,

I am here with my praise report. I firstly apologise for sharing my testimony late but i am glad i can finally share.

During the last Halleluyah challenge of 2017, I and my Husband joined as we were trusting God for a number of things but first on our list was the fruits of the womb. 

On one of the nights you gave a word of Prophecy ‘Balika pu la la’ and said it means ‘Girl child’. That by the next year 2018, I will bring forth a girl child. I received the prophecy with joy and we believed God. On the final night, you asked us to write our 30 requests and dance like they have all been answered. I did that and believed it was settled.

I conceived the next month, July 2017 and gave birth to a baby girl April 2018. In fact, on the Halleluyah festival this year, a woman testified that God blessed her with her baby and she also gave birth April this year. Her testimony brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of my own testimony.

I return all the glory to God for His mighty hands has caused me today to be a mother. May His name forever be praised.

I believe God also that all the 14 requests i presented to Him during the just concluded Halleluyah challenge have also been answered. I sure know that i will be back to testify very soon.

More of God’s grace on your life , family and ministry. I bless God also for delivering your wife from Etopic pregnancy. You shall never know loss in Jesus name. Amen.

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