Preserved from Fire

June 15, 2017 by 0

Ah sir Jesus did it just like dat for me yesterday, I have been wanting to join the live show since buh somewhat by the time I wake up its over, buh still I have been sharing photos of the challenge on my bbm and looking at all your posts and the testimonials, luckily for me a friend of mine had her birthday yesterday so we stayed out late, as soon as it was 12am I followed up the live show, and I felt d spirit of God, my friends where just watching me as we drove back home, As i kept praising God and singing, The live show rounded up, and I went to bed by past 1 am, wit all my clothes on, I woke up by some mins to 3am to ease my self den I tot to look for my hairnet which I kept on d oroning table close to the living, as I came out of d room I could percieve something and I am like who is burning food this time of the nyt, as I entered the living room see smoke evriwer and 1 of my frnd was sleeping in that same living room o he didn’t smell it, I went further to d kitchen as I opened the kitchen door, see smoke, kitchen covered in smoke.3 gas burners on, I quickly turned them off, only to find out twas ny friend in the living room, he wanted to mke noodles and fry egg wen we got back that nyt by to 1, he put d pot of little water on fire, d oda burner with fry pan and oil and d 3rd i guess he turned on mistakenly, he was probably waiting for it to heat up and he slept off in d living room, so imagine boiling 2 cups of water and heating oil to fry egg from to 1 till to 3 , 3hours, imagine d kin of smoke dat had taken over the house buh God did it, I woke up and came out at D ryt tym imagine if i had come a little later dan dat, the whole house would have been on fire without us knowing on tym, wat would have become of d 5 of us sleeping, Even if we made it alive where would we have started from, what would we have told d landlord? But God did it just like that, suddenly. Just my 1st day of d challenge c Gods miracle, how much more if I continue to d last day GOD BLESS YOU 4 this Hallelujah challenge, may Jehovah embarrassĀ our entire generation with abundance of blessings, thank you, sir, I will appreciate if this story is shared, it may just inspire someone same way others testimonies inspired mi. God bless u

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