Project Approval

June 14, 2017 by 0

God indeed answers prayers!!! I needed my husband to give his consent on a project we are both working on, all efforts seemed abortive, it lingered for weeks now, it made me feel so unhappy for weeks now. Yesterday I wept, called him severally, appealed to family members to talk to him. I even went as far as talking to a close family friend to speak to him, yet he was unyielding. Before 12 am, I wrote my PRAYER Request on a sheet of paper. When the session started I put it on
The floor, danced around it all throughout the session..This morning i woke up the heaviness completely gone..Then i asked my husband he finally consented!!! I still didnt believe, after some time I asked he consented again!!!I did some transactions that was pending..this morning it was finally settled…OLOGBOGBORO SHOWED UP!!!!!!###%


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