Project Fund Released

June 15, 2017 by 0

Praise the Lord.
Truly, this is my season of promotion. I got a call this week about a state award that I wasn’t even expecting and by normal standards, you wouldn’t think it was usual for someone of my age to achieve in such a short time but He has placed me amongst kings and queens. It’s in the first stage, but I trust that God is able to perfect what He has started.
Also, I thank God for the swift release of funds for a project I am planning to carry out in August. I had been told my cheque wouldn’t be released till September (after the deadline of the project) but I kept trusting God. I asked that before the end of the month, funds would be released and I would have enough to settle other things. Glory be to God, He brought my cheque more than two months earlier than I anticipated and I will not be put to shame.
I thank God because my fifth testimony this month is on the way.

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