Applied for in house job

August 28, 2017 by 0

OLOWOGBOGBORO has done it!!!
Praise the Lord! I joined the challenge midway and i had a couple of things i was trusting God for. One of them was getting a promotion at work. Towards the end of the challenge, i felt a nudge in my spirit to check for job ads at my job and i found out that a post had just been advertised!! I applied, got shortlisted and was invited for the interview. During the interview, there were some questions that threw me but i left there and kept saying ‘Olowogbogboro thank you’, came home and danced and praised God for 45 minutes. I also got a word of encouragement from a friend who said ‘ I will get what Jesus deserves and not what i deserve”.

The next day i got a call offering me the job which is a step up!! OLOWOGBOGBORO has done it! I kept saying I will testify and i have come back to say thank you during the challenge. It has nothing to do with my qualifications, expertise or intelligence but it is all by the grace of God.

I will be back to testify some more as i tick off my hallelujah journal as regarding my marriage, scholarship and financial breakthrough. Just to encourage someone holding on to God. God is a good God and he wants us all to be well and also to succeed. His word MUST surely come to pass!!

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