Master Program Settled

March 10, 2019 by 0


I honestly don’t know where to begin, but firstly I’ll love to say out of my 14 prayer requests 10 have been answered and I can’t but thank God. One of my most urgent requests was admission for my master’s program, I’m 21 and presently in the NYSC scheme, about to round up this month too, I contacted several schools before June for my master’s program and got negative feedback.

Shortly before the Hallelujah Challenge I applied to another in Canada and said it would be my last, the admission process took several months but it was settled already during the Hallelujah Challenge, I felt the conviction in my spirit so I trusted God and rested in him. Finally, in September I was admitted. This is just one of the 10 testimonies, this God is great, and indeed my way maker. Hallelujah!!


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