Three Examination Papers Passed

October 20, 2017 by 0

My testimony has been due since August. I joined hallelujah challenge on about the 9th day.  I had my final exams coming up.  So I kept on praying telling God that my miracle was not now but in a few months time when I would write my exams. God did it for me just like that. I am always afraid of exams.  I cried after every single paper.  One of the papers was so unexpected,  during revision and mock the hod gave us assurance that we should read through our mock we would see the questions again so u can imagine how comfortable we were after going through the past questions.  Just to enter the hall and every single question was changed not slightly but totally. I kept on praying inside the hall as I was thinking of what to write. I was so scared. After the exams, you know students now gathering and talking,  apparently one of the lecturers felt the exam was too tough so he was going around assisting . When I heard it I felt so bad.  I actually saw the man he met me at a rest station and just greeted and passed. So I was so worried,  the other exam was not any better,  too many strange questions, the pattern of an exam was even changed. something just came to my mind , God didn’t want me to think for a second that passing was by my knowledge or by the help of any man. The night before results were released I could not sleep . I had Plent of dreams of failure.  But olorogbogboro did it for me.  I passed all my 3 papers at once.  I knew it was just the hand of God because there was no other way, with all the questions I couldn’t answer. I am so grateful and I give him all the glory because he deserves all of it. I also thank him in advance because I know he will do it for my friends too.  He is a faithful God.

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