Property acquired supernaturally and Marriage restored

August 17, 2017 by 0

I’m back again to give Olowogbogboro the praises he alone deserves.
One of my prayer points in my Halleluyah Report was for love to grow more between my spouse and I. It’s been awesome, there has been a tremendous improvement. Needed to acquire property but the co-operation wasn’t there. I was already working towards getting it on my own, it wasn’t easy, but when I didn’t even expect, he asked about it and became so interested and by God’s grace we’ve gotten it. Halleluyah
Also, my sister wrote an entrance exam that has 3 stages, out of the multitude, by God’s grace she has scaled through the 1st,2nd and we are expecting the result to the 3rd soonest. Halleluyah.

For these and many more I glorify God. I would soon be back again because God has just started with me and my household in Jesus name. Amen

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