Protection from Fire Outbreak

June 14, 2017 by 0

I heard about Hallelujah Challenge on Monday evening (12th June) and decided to join later on that night, Victoria Orenze was leading the praise session. When we finished, I thanked the Lord and went to sleep; The Lord delivered my family from a fire outbreak @ home around 3am.
The fire started in 2 places at the change over point and the Lord knew I just slept and if it came silently I would never have heard but from nowhere there was a resounding alarm through the inverter phase which woke me up, woke my neighbours and brought the security patrol to our gate. Even when I put off the changeover and my Husband removed all the phases, the alarm was still at its highest point for close to 15minutes before it finally stopped. The change over boxes was put back on and light restored to normal from then till now, and there has been no need to spend money on repairs because everything is working perfectly.
Glory be to God!!!!! OLOWO GBOGBORO


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