God Protection over my son

September 11, 2017 by 0

I have a testimony that I should have shared since but procrastinated. On day twenty-one, after the midnight praise, I prayed for my family before sleeping. Unknowing, while I was sleeping, God gave my husband a revelation concerning my children. He woke up and started praying for them. He prayed for God to release his angels on behalf of them. Then went further to pray for my own protection. In the morning I did my usual school runs and went to work. Around 3pm I went to pick them up, and while I was driving into the creche area where they usually wait for me, I noticed a little child running towards my car. I quickly stopped to avoid an impact. On turning, I noticed it was my 3yr old. I was shocked. I asked him where he was coming from, he pointed to the back of the creche which was bushy and snake infested. I noticed his canvas was smeared with poop, indicating he actually went into the bush. I quickly put him into the car and alerted the creche authority who was unaware he was Missing. My 2 elder kids were unaware too. I took them home and called my hubby who was shocked for 5mins before narrating his dream to me. The devil indeed meant evil, but God manifested on my behalf.

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