God works in mysterious ways

February 27, 2020 by 0
Good afternoon Sir. Since I joined Hallelujah Challenge , its been wonderful.
When you said we should pray for children, I prayed endlessly even without having a child. Didn’t know the prayer was for me o..
Something terrible almost happened which I  want to thank God for.
I was seated outside my house. After sometime, I stood up to go inside my room. Unknown to me that my neighbors daughter (a two years old child) followed me into the house.
I  stepped out to get something, only for me to get back to see this baby with an already opened  sniper which she was about  to drink . when I came into the room, I screamed. I tried taking it from her and she dragged the bottle with me o.
God! This sniper was very close to this child’s mouth. Wat would I have said if she drank it? Who would have believed my story?
I hear of  how God works in mysterious ways, this is just a perfect example. Please join me to thank God because this would have been a different story entirely.
Thank you Sir. God bless you. AMEN

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