My testimony from Hallelujah challenge 2017

March 2, 2020 by 0

God is really awesome and never fails..  Pastor good morning, I want to testify to the goodness and faithfulness of God, he never fails! I joined the hallelujah challenge 3 nights ago and God has turned things around in my business and every area of my life. Something awesome also happened tonight. Somehow I was out at my cousin’s place till 11:45pm,I had told them (my cousin and her friends)about the Hallelujah challenge earlier but they weren’t keen on participating. At 12am I joined in the praise and worship. I praised and worshiped like never before. On my way back home my car started malfunctioning. Every thing stopped working.  It was raining heavily and I kept telling God and talking to my car that it must take me home. The Holy Spirit gave me the wisdom to manage the car till I eventually got home and on getting to my gate the car just went off.My gate men had to even push d car into the compound and at dawn my mechanic discovered  that the fan belt had cut.  It could have only been God that brought me home with the car that had no fan belt. I return all the praise to God!!! God deserves to be revered,worshipped and admired. God didnt let the car stop on d high way with the rain. How is it possible to drive a car without fan belt if it’s not God in action??

God bless you pastor Nathaniel for harkening to God’s call to lead this Hallelujah challenge. May God preserve you and all that concerns you, Amen..

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