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I had a flat tyre in d morning on day 16 of the hallelujah challenge, so I couldn’t go drop my Daughter in school with it, thank God d school isn’t so far, so I took bike to drop her off, I forgot d key to our gate in her school bag, when I got home hubby called vulcanizer to come and change d tyre, d guy said he would haav to take d tyre to his workplace which was at the bus stop, so I was like no wahala remove d bad tyre and fix d spare tyre (which also wasn’t too good as well) so I can drive d car and you to your workshop, but it was at dat juncture I realised I had forgotten the big gates key in my daughters bag, I had just the key to d pedestrian gate, the vulcanizer said no wahala he will take d flat tyre to his shop and bring it back to fix on the car, All dis while he had already put d spare tyre on the car, so he left later I took a bike to my daughter’s school and collected d key, I got home and decided to take d car out so I cud go pick her from school with it since it was already time for the school to close, well I was thinking of going to my baby’s school direct but something told me to go to d vulcanizer place first, so I did when I got there and parked d guy ran to me in shock, he asked how I drove d car, I said wetin happen I just drive am na, he said because he didn’t fix d nut of the spare tyre, he assumed since I couldn’t find the key to the big gate and he was coming back to fix my tyre, he didn’t want to stress himself so he just put d nuts on d tyre but didn’t screw it, he was surprised I drove all d way from my house to his shop and d tyre didn’t come off infact pastor he didn’t use anything to remove the spare, right in front of me he took the tyre off with his hands.

 What if I had gone to pick my baby first , how I was able to pass road bumps with a tyre that wasn’t screwed to the car is still a mystery, YESHUA HAMASHIACH the God that holds us when nothing is there to hold us, the one that Guards our life did not disappoint me. Help me praise the Lord Jesus to him I give all the glory. Amen

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