Thank you my Blessed Trinity

September 4, 2017 by 0

Honestly brethren, I had to give this yesterday night, I had a dream. A thief came and wanted to steal a bag of rice from my kitchen. Then I begged him that I needed half of the rice before he carries it away….he agreed. Then again, he came with a piece of clothe while I was seated close to a stranger (a lady). While he was approaching,i was chanting “Olowogbogboro”, Blood of Jesus, endlessly. When he came close he kept flashing the piece of clothe in my face as if to hypnotise or harm me. I kept saying my chants in my heart. He was confused to why the clothe sent to perform the function it was meant for. He started speaking aloud like why is the clothe disappointing him. The lady then said “it is because of the NAME she is calling”. And then I woke up and Said Thank U Jesus. I was so happy that I conquered in that dream.I know it has manifested in the physical also. Thank you my Blessed Trinity. Thank U Nathaniel Bassey. Olowogbogboro is still doing wonders.

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