Protocol Broken

February 5, 2019 by 0

My Testimonies from this platform has been endless. I am a living benefactor of this challenge from the first one to even this one in advance. Everything I ever asked from God he has given me. Recently, God Broke protocols for me at the UK embassy. From an invalid bank statement, to not sending my complete documents I don’t know how God did it. Writing here in my room from the UK I’m still in awe of what God has done. Nothing God has done for me is small. I testify on behalf of my elder sister that as she joins this challenge in Faith, her expected miracles for Babies will not elude her. God is real!!! One word I felt in my spirit from the first hallelujah challenge is that “my life will never be the same”. Thank you, Jesus. As many that join in faith, you shall have expected testimonies. Amen!


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