Debt Paid and Credit scores Increase

September 5, 2017 by 0

So for the past 3 years, I have been out of a job, it has been the hardest most testing season of my entire life. I had gotten into so much debt(most of which was from past due fees) that I thought it was impossible to get out of. I had issues with my immigration status so I couldn’t get a legal job. I finally got a job at a restaurant last year paying less that minimum wage. I prayed and worked really hard, doing everything from being my boss’ PA, to managing 3 stores, to handling all the admin duties for all 3 stores, to marketing from door to door, to cleaning tables, to serving food, etc. I had to work really long hours to be able to make something reasonable. Well while all of this was going on, I prayed for God to settle my immigration status and also help me to pay off my debt before the end of last year(2016). My credit score was in a mess also(low 500s), and anybody that has lived in the US would understand the importance of your credit score, part of my prayer was to get my credit score into the 700s before the end of this year (2017). I honestly had no idea how to go about it, but I prayed and asked God to help me and the holy spirit to lead me.

Well, my first testimony is that God miraculously helped me to pay off all my debt last year (my last payment was made on the 30th of December). The Holy spirit led me to call all my debtors and arrange a settlement payment with them. So one by one, I called every single last one of them and started my monthly payment.I wouldn’t lie, there were times when the devil would ask me “why are u even bothering to pay back when ur immigration status is still unknown. You could get deported tomorrow, then all this money you are paying back would be pointless. So why don’t u just give up”. I remember praying and telling God that even if He doesn’t bless me with my greencard, as long as He has me here and He provides for me,I would pay everything I owe to the last cent and leave happy when He asks me to. I kept My promise and God provided the resources. My 2nd testimony is that my credit score has jumped from the low 500s, at end of last year, to 690 as of last month, and its still climbing!!!! And to think God has done all of this while I’m still in the “wilderness”.Even though I’m still praying and believing God to perfect my immigration status, I’m blown away that He can give me such testimonies even in the storm. During the hallelujah challenge, I promised to testify to the little miracles as well as the big miracle, so Lord today I’m here to say Thank you Jesus!

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