Financial abundance

February 27, 2020 by 0

I joined the hallelujah challenge last week and I partook in the hallelujah festival . A major prayer point in my journal was “financial abundance”…Brethren GOD did it…So after such a long time, my dad was paid his retirement benefits. Asides the fact that major bills are being settled rn, I just got an alert this morning to purchase a new laptop…

My current laptop has been a reproach to me in all manner of ways…This laptop issue plagued me with super worries…In otherwords, it had been a major concern for me for a long time.  I needed a new one so direly to continue my masters program effectively and look how GOD IN HIS INFINITE MERCIES SHOWED UP FOR ME… I am the one that came back to say THANK YOU YESHUA HAMASHIACH, LION OF JUDAH!!!!…
I heard Pastor Nath say that, the last hallelujah challenge might be the last, I just laffed in benin…Me that is yet to claim all my blessings from this platform, ko possible…Hallelujah challenge we die here!!!! Thank you sir for letting GOD use you, may your oil never run dry in JESUS name

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