Financial Provision

June 15, 2017 by 0

Good morning man of God. Olowogbogboro is truly involved… Please post my testimony too with name withheld. I joined the challenge on Day 9 because the testimonies drew me here. I prayed on some pressing issues which is debts that is about to cause sickness… I prayed to God to remember as i danced that night… Nothing happened on the second day.. I joined the day 10th and i have been following it. Yesterday evening an aunt called me to check my balance that she sent me 10k… I jumped up and danced because the last time i received a gift alert from anyone was long…. The 10k was like 10 million…. Am trusting God that after sharing this testimony. He will complete what He has off all debts and bring back my business to life. #olowogbogboro that has began the good work will surely perfect it.

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