Job search for 2year over

September 24, 2017 by 0

I want to thank the Almighty God, Olowogbogboro, the one who answers prayers & showed me that he hears my prayers. So I really wanted to change my job & in 2 whole years of searching for a Job, I did not get an invitation for an interview, so during the Hallelujah Challenge, this was 1 of my prayer points, during the 22nd day of the Challenge, I received my 1st invitation for an interview in over 2 years of wanting to change my job, & after then more invitations kept coming for an interview & finally God gave me a JOB. It’s not even about the job, it’s the timing the job came in, it came the time I was so frustrated in my previous Job & was desperate for a change. My God did it & I will be resuming in my new job tomorrow. God, I don’t take anything you do for me for granted.. I’m so thankful.

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