Technologist Job Granted

September 13, 2017 by 0

I want to appreciate this God, the Living, Supreme Being, the Olowogbogboro Himself for extending His Outstretched Arm towards me by blessing me with a Technologist Job with the Department of Science Laboratory Technology of the University of Jos yesterday. I actually was led to resign my appointment with a School where I teach at the beginning of the just concluded Academic Session, giving a three-month notice having been confirmed as an Academic Staff has stipulated by its rules and regulation. To cut the long story short, being gainfully employed is my Number Prayer Request in my Hallelujah Report Journal. I thank God that He came through for me on it yesterday. This gives me the assurance that Olowogbogboro will answer the remaining twenty-nine request in the name of Jesus. All glory goes to God for this. Praise the Lord!

Abidemi Ajala

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