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Dear Pastor Nathaniel,

May the good Lord continue to bless you and all that is yours. I share this testimony to the glory of God; please, please share but keep me anonymous.

2017 was very trying for me at my former  workplace with no one to come to my defence; I gave 110% dedication but nothing I did was good enough but I held on to God and I also keyed into the June and November editions of the Hallelujah challenge with the job change as a top prayer point.

Last December, the 2017 appraisal period began last and it was predictably gloomy but I trusted God for a turn-around. The full-year appraisal meeting where people’s fates were decided came and it was almost certain that some of us (yours faithfully inclusive) were either going to be advised to resign or at best retained at the same level (after being on the same level for years) but just four days before that dreaded meeting, the good Lord blessed me with a new job which is two times better than my last job!

This new job in itself is a miracle as I sent in my application late November when the first stage of the interviews had already been concluded (because I got to know of the opening late) but the first stage of my interview was scheduled (the panel was hurriedly convened) for me less than a day after my application! I found favour all through the interview stages, got the job offer two weeks later by mid-December and I resumed at the new place on the first work day of 2018! I had feared I would be jobless by the end of the  2017 but God’s mercies prevailed! The good Lord was right on time, He showed me mercy, saved me from shame, exceeded my expectations and proved to me again that all power belongs to Him!
Dear God, I’m beyond grateful and I thank you from the depths of my soul!

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