Recused from debt by his divine favour

August 11, 2017 by 0

THIS GOD IS TOO GOOD OOO!!! GOD, I THANK you. One of the topmost points on my prayer list during the challenge was for helpers to locate so as to revive my dying business which is my passion. For YAHWEH to rescue me from debts. I have been praying for this without ceasing, even after the end of the challenge. One of my creditors has been on my neck recently. I cried out to God to rescue me and to pacify the hearts of those I was expecting help from. Na so yesterday oo, just like that I reached out to this family members for help to repay my debt and to invest into my business.. sharp, as soon as I made the calls, all I kept getting was OK! followed by quick action alerts up to the tune of about 1mil naira o, without the people even questioning me further. Hmmm!. God, I praise you. I promise to take my business more seriously seeing as you’ve given me a new opportunity, and of course, I shall pay my tithes religiously and engage fully in kingdom advancement because I believe you who has started this great work will complete it. I see your outstretched hand on my business

Brethren, hold on tight unto the Lord. He is indeed merciful. I know that by this time next year I shall be giving testimony and thanksgiving for earth shaking miracle from him. My status shall change from the childless woman to a mother of twins!! He has promised me and he is not a man that he will fail!!

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