June 15, 2017 by 0

Praise God, 14.06.17. Praise was crying not willing to join in. Heard I should sit on floor. It’s not warm as yet but obeyed. Was in tears just praising half-heartedly. So many disappointments. Toxic environment, betrayals. Felt let down by God. So while Nathan continued I just praise in my tears. Am UK citizen but my challenges. Later I changed position. And you said we should shout Praise God. As I did I felt things lifted out of me. It was as if it was electricity.i started praising God like I was given sugar or adrenaline. At one point I felt like to pee. I said no I don’t want to miss a bit of the live praise. Then I said to my self but this urgency doesn’t seem normal. I shouldn’t be religious. So went to WC. While there: That’s when you started the altar call. I was like what time is 1am? I was relieved of things God did not plant. Tk u God Praise the lord.

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