Rescued from death

August 1, 2017 by 0

Odogwu Akataka (Fearless warrior), Ejide obi esike (My confidence), Echeta Echezo nkpa (He that takes away pain/worry), Di nwanyi isi mpe (Husband of the widow), Ikuku amanoya (Unquenchable God), Obata obie (He that ends every trouble), Akwakwuru (Unpushable God), Dike na’gha (Mighty Worrior), Chi ne cherem (The God that thinks for me), Eze ndi Eze (King of kings), Oke mmiri n’ebu ogwe (Great water that carry fearful storms), Oku n’ere ere (Consuming fire), Ike nkwu aba mba (The authority upon which i make my declarations), Oje na mmuo (He that works in the spirit), Ebube mbekumbe ( Glorious forever), Oloru ihe ( Bigger than the biggest), Nkume mgbe ebighi ebi (Firm foundation), Omama macha macha (Omniscience), Mmalite na Ogwugu(Alpha and Omega), Odumegwu Judah(Lion of Judah).

They are so many but this Mighty God did it and just like that what would have been disastrous became an avenue to glorify His name. He is the God of my life and the Author of my destiny, Oke Nkume nke mu nwere,The chastisement that brought me peace. Thanks for giving me many reasons to live. Me and my brother came out of this car with our life intact and the testimony won’t end here. To think the construction pole drove into the car and no one was dead is a miracle.

Iheanyi Ohalete

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